Property Tax Exemption Programs


Senior Citizen/Disabled Person Tax Exemption Program


You may qualify for an exemption from all or part of your property tax on your residence in Grant County if you meet the following qualifications:


The Claimant must be, at the time of filing, at least 61 years of age or disabled from regular gainful employment (with proof of disability in accordance with WAC 458-16A-120 and 135).


Total gross annual income must be less than $35,000 including claimant, spouse and cotenant(s) as defined under RCW.


The claimant must own and occupy the residence as his or her principle residence at the time of filing and for each year the exemption is claimed.


Proper proof of taxable and non-taxable income must be provided for each year the exemption is applied for by means of IRS Income Tax Forms, annual Social Security 1099ís, Bank Statements, W-2 Statements or any other pertinent verification of income as defined under WAC 458-16A-115 and 120.


Non-reimbursed Prescription Drugs, Nursing Home Expense and In-home Care Expense can be deducted from the total gross household income.


The exemption is available to your residence and up to one acre of land or less.  If you own more than one acre, the Assessorís Office can administer the exemption to the allotted amount without segregation.


The claimant must own the home for which the exemption is claimed, either in total (fee owner), as a contract purchaser, or as a life estate.  A home owned by a married couple or by co-tenants is considered owned by each spouse or cotenant.  Only one person must meet the age or disability qualifications.  The qualifying claimant must have ownership interest as stated above.


The exemption is also based on the household income.  Household Income includes disposable income, that of the claimant, claimantís spouse, and any cotenants.  A cotenant is a person living in the home who also has an ownership interest.  Household income does not include:


The income of a person, other than a spouse, who does not have ownership interest and lives in the home.  However, the application must show any income the person contributes to the household, or


The income of a person who has ownership interest and lives elsewhere.  However, if someone living elsewhere has any ownership interest, the amount of the exemption will be based on the percentage of the claimantís interest in the property.


The only deductible items from your income are:

Non-reimbursed Prescription Drugs (not insurance premiums)

Non-reimbursed Nursing Home Expense

Non-reimbursed In-home Care Expense (such as that which youíd receive in a Nursing Home)


The exemption varies depending on your income, along with what the Assessed Value of the property the exemption is being claimed. If you think you may qualify, bring verification of your prior yearís income into the Grant County Assessorís Office and file an application.  If you are unable to come into the office, an application and brochure can be mailed to you by request.  If you have any questions, call (509) 754-2011 extension 383.


(Renewals for the exemption program are mailed out based upon the year the property is re-evaluated.)



Single Family Dwelling Improvement Exemption (RCW 84.36-400)


You may be able to file an exemption from property taxes on any physical improvement to your home.

         This exemption would be for three (3) assessment years.

         The exemption must be filed prior to completion of improvement.

         You must receive and file the form with the County Assessor in the county that the property is located.

         The amount of the exemption shall not exceed 30% of the value of the dwelling prior to the improvements.

         This exemption shall not be allowed on the same dwelling more than once every five (5) years.

If you have any questions about this program, contact your County Assessorís office. In Grant County you may contact us at 35 C Street Northeast, Ephrata or call (509) 754-2011 extension 311.



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