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To assure a consistent method for addresses in order to assist emergency responders locate your home, Grant County Emergency Management is responsible for providing street addresses for all residences, facilities and new construction in Grant County if the location is not within the boundaries of an incorporated city or town. If you require an address for a site within the boundaries of an incorporated city or town, contact your local city or town hall.


There are several pieces of information which we will need to assign an address. Download the Application Form for details.

Posting your Address

Posting of addresses is required by Grant County ordinance 85-143-CC in order for fire, law enforcement and medical personnel to find you more quickly during an emergency.

You are required to post and maintain your address number as described below:


  • Addresses shall be posted in a manner that can be read from the county or private road providing access to the addressed property.  

  • Addresses posted on buildings shall be in colors contrasting with the background in such a manner and location as to be plainly visible from the street. 

  • Address numbers shall be minimum of four inches (4”) in height. (Effective July 2010).

  • In instances where the main building’s posted address is not clearly visible from the adjacent road, numerical designation shall be displayed near the main entrance to the property upon which the building is situated. 

  • The address marker shall be posted at a height between three feet (3’) and five feet (5’) within three feet (3’) of where the county or private road intersects your driveway access, however, not in the county road right-of-way.  This means you need to post your address numbers on your building and where your driveway meets the road. 

  • If you share an access road or driveway with your neighbor and your address numbers on your house are not clearly visible from the shared driveway, you need to additionally post your address number at the location where your property driveway intersects the shared access road.


Address Signs

Grant County Emergency Management offers reflective address signs and posts to help you mark your driveway. Signs and posts cost $5 each, payable by either cash or check. Download the address sign order form below.

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