Chairman: Ollie Click, Chairman
Vice Chairman: Doug Rathbone
Board Members: Norman Estoos, John Hyer, Scott Rock, Debra Adams, Lee Graham
Secretaries: Becky Purcell and Dorothy Black


JANUARY 12, 2000
7:00 P.M.

Approval of December 8, 1999 Decisions of the Board.
Approval of December 8, 1999 Meeting minutes

1. PUBLIC HEARING – Dale Durbin – VARIANCE – To create three (3) separate
parcels from an existing estate of 5.28 acres in the R-2 zone
S. 10, T. 19, R. 28 Jason

2. PUBLIC HEARING – Macario & Neomi Camacho – VARIANCE – To the minimum lot size requirement to allow the subdivision of a 4.95 acre parcel into two lots (3A=2.47 ac.) (3B=2.47 ac.) in Agriculture zone S. 3, T. 14, R. 23 Damien

3. PUBLIC HEARING – Raymond Haug – VARIANCE – To obtain development permits for a .65 acre parcel in the Suburban-1 zone of Grant County
S. 20, T. 19, R. 28 Damien

4. PUBLIC HEARING – Raymond Haug – CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT– To allow the siting of a residence on a parcel in the Light Industrial zone of Grant County. The home would serve in a security/caretaker capacity to the repair shop that is a part of this proposal S. 16, T. 19, R. 29 Damien

5. PUBLIC HEARING – William Low – VARIANCE – To acquire development permits on a 4.15 acre parcel located in the Agricultural zone S. 2, T. 18, R. 29 Jason

6. PUBLIC HEARING – Neal Burnett – VARIANCE – to the minimum lot size for development permits. Proponent is seeking development permits for a 2.74 acre parcel in the Agriculture zone S. 28, T. 21, R. 26 Jason

7. PUBLIC HEARING – John & Marion Farrell – VARIANCE – to Subdivide a portion of an existing 39.5 acre parcel into four lots in the Agriculture zone. S. 20, T. 20, R. 24 Jason

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