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Planning header


Chairman: Ollie Click, Chairman
Vice Chairman: Doug Rathbone
Board Members: Norman Estoos, John Hyer, Scott Rock, and Lee Graham
Secretary: Becky Purcell


MAY 9, 2001 - 7:00 P.M.

Approval of April 11, 2001 Meeting Minutes and Decisions of the Board.

Welcome new planners: Kent Ziemer and Kevin Cricchio
Farewell to Planner Kristi Olson.

1. PUBLIC HEARING – Mata – Conditional Use Permit for an Extended Family Living arrangement in the Rural Residential-3 Zone of Grant County. (4-14-23) Kristi #01-3062

2. PUBLIC HEARING – Mata – Variance to the 1,000 square foot restriction, to allow a 2,200 sq. ft. home for Extended Family Living Arrangement. (4-14-23) Kristi #01-3099

3. PUBLIC HEARING – Zirkle Fruit Co. – Variance to the 1,000 square foot restriction for Farm Labor Housing in the Agricultural Zone. (17-17-24) Ed #01-3088

4. PUBLIC HEARING – Inland Cellular – Conditional Use Permit to allow a 150-foot communication tower on a 6-acre parcel in the Urban commercial-1 zone.
(9-19-28) Kristi #01-3070

5. PUBLIC HEARING – Inland Cellular - Variance to exceed the 100-foot maximum height on communication towers. (9-19-28) Kristi #01-3101

6. PUBLIC HEARING – United Rental – Variance to the maximum footage allowed for signs (4 sq. ft.), to allow a 6'4" X 12' sign in the Urban Heavy Industrial Zone.
(32- 19-29) Billie #01-3033

7. PUBLIC HEARING – Port of Moses Lake - Variance to the maximum footage allowed for signs (4 sq. ft.), to construct a sign for the Port of Moses Lake, Grant County Airport, in the Public Facilities zone. (32-20-28) Billie #01-3098

8. PUBLIC HEARING – Fire Dist. #5 – Conditional Use Permit to allow an Emergency Service facility in an Agricultural Zone. (2-20-28) Kristi #01-3107

9. PUBLIC HEARING – House of Blues – Conditional Use Permit to allow a temporary outdoor event (major campground) on 85 acres to accommodate approx. 13,000 attendees for one week during the annual Creation Festival produced by Come Alive Ministries, Inc. (31-19-23) Kristi #01-3067

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