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Chairman: Ollie Click, Chairman
Vice Chairman: Doug Rathbone
Board Members: Norman Estoos, John Hyer, Scott Rock, and Lee Graham
Secretary: Becky Purcell


DECEMBER 12, 2001
7:00 P.M.

Approval of November 14, 2001 Meeting Minutes, with correction to Culliton's Variance as follows: Scott Rock's motion to include an additional condition, (from paragraph #4 on page 3 of Staff Report) should actually be included as an additional finding. Corrected as requested.

Approval of November 14, 2001 Decisions of the Board. Correction to Culliton's Decision, as noted above.

1. PUBLIC HEARING – Ronald Kreger - Conditional Use Permit to add onto an existing retail/commercial store located in Sunland Estates #2, in Shoreline Development-4 zone. (2-18-22) Kevin #01-3252

2. PUBLIC HEARING (Continued) – Ronald Kreger - Variance to the 10-foot setback in order to add onto an existing retail store, 5 feet from the property line. (2-18-22) Kevin #01-3198

3. PUBLIC HEARING – Celestino - Variance to the 10-foot setback to locate a carport 3 feet from the property line in the Rural Community Zone. (3-15-23)
Billie #01-3245

4. PUBLIC HEARING – Pixton Farms - Variance to the side -yard setback requirements to allow a 2 ½ foot setback, to adjust a property line. The current property line crosses a farm storage building. (27-18-30) Kent #01-3254

5. PUBLIC HEARING (Continued) - Tim & Keith Hanson – Variance to the requirement of posting 150% cash payment requirement that would ensure actions and improvements necessary to connect to public water and sewer system, and requirement for the utilization of municipal utilities (sewer and water), of the City of Moses Lake. (30-19-28) Kent #01-3134

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