Chairman:               Doug Rathbone                 

Vice Chairman:       John McMahan

Board Members:    Norman Estoos, Don Gillespie, Jr., Cheryl Ferguson and John McMahan

Secretary:               RoseMary Dart

Alternate Secretary:      Sonja Baker


Commissioners’ Hearing Room - Grant County Courthouse - Ephrata, Washington


September 10, 2003

7:00 P.M.


Board Action:


Approval of July 9, 2003 Meeting Minutes

Approval of July 9, 2003 Decisions of the Board


1.      Public Hearing – K.S. Investments – Variance from road standards permitting ingress and egress at one point and approval of a dead-end road approximately 3,960 feet long in the Rural Residential-1 Zone of Grant County.


File No. 03-3613

S .8, T. 21 N, R.27 E

Ed Harrell – Project Planner


2.      Public Hearing – John Muir – Variance to allow construction of an aircraft hangar over 1,500 square feet in size on a parcel with no residence in the Rural Village Residential 1 Zone of Grant County.


File No. 03-3653

S. 22, T. 14 N, R. 23 E

Ed Harrell – Project Planner


3.      Public Hearing John Albrant – Variance - to the twenty (20) foot front setback requirements for two structures in the Urban Residential 3 Zone of Grant County.


File No. 03-3659

S. 21, T. 24 N, R. 27 E

Hector Torres – Project Planner