Chairman:               Doug Rathbone                 

Vice Chairman:       John McMahan

Board Members:    Norman Estoos, Don Gillespie, Jr., Cheryl Ferguson and John McMahan, Paul Kersey, Howard Hyer

Secretary:               RoseMary Dart


Commissioners’ Hearing Room - Grant County Courthouse - Ephrata, Washington


January 14, 2004

7:00 P.M.


Election of Board of Adjustment Officers:

·                    Re-election of Chairman and Vice Chairman.

·                    Re-appointment of Secretary and alternate Secretary.


Approval of December 10, 2003 Meeting Minutes

Approval of December 10, 2003 Decisions of the Board



1.      Public Hearing – Kevin Prather - Variance from limiting the height of Residential (Mini) Storage Facility, and required paving of the parking area in the Urban Commercial 2 Zone in Grant County.


File No. 03-3738

 S 26, T 25 N, R 28 E

Ed Harrell – Project Planner










Board Of Adjustment - Questions and Comments