Hearing Examiner:   Mitchell P. Delabarre

Planning Staff:               Scott Clark, Director,

Secretary:                     RoseMary Dart


Commissioners’ Hearing Room - Grant County Courthouse

Ephrata, Washington



October 8, 2003

12:00 NOON.



1.      Public HearingMickelsen Dairy - Conditional Use Permit for an existing Dairy to allow a increase in the number of dairy cows from 600 to 1,000; with a potential for 2,500 cows in five years, on 327-acres in the Agriculture Zone of Grant County. 


File No. 03-3647

S 5, T 21 N, R 28 E

Ed Harrell-Project Planner


2.      Public Hearing – Robert Van Diest – Conditional Use Permit to place an Outdoor Storage yard for the storage of scrap metal while it is being prepared and loaded for transport in the Agriculture Zone of Grant County.


File No. 03-3648

S 28, T 20 N, R 24 E

Ed Harrell-Project Planner


3.      Public Hearing - Billy L. Conley – Conditional Use Permit for the placement of: one 256’ x 30’, two 266’ x 30’, and two 110’ x 30’ Residential Mini Storage buildings in the Urban Light Industrial Zone of Grant County.


File No. 03-3654

S 10, T 19 N, R. 28 E

Hector Torres-Project Planner


4.      Public Hearing – Jim Riedinger - A Conditional Use Permit for the construction of a 1,500 square foot aircraft hangar in the Rural Village Residential-2 Zone of Grant County.


File No. 03-3690

S 22, T 14 N, R 23 E

Project Planner-Hector Torres