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Planning header


Chairman: Jerry Dormaier Secretary: Becky Purcell
Board Members: Gary Piercy - Vice Chairman; Wayne Sahli, Al Brower, Jim Fleming, Kirk Sager, Martell Palmer, Dave Dinges, Duane Ehr

Commission Members Dinner at Don’s Restaurant, Soap Lake – 5:30 p.m.
Planning Commission Meeting -- 7:00 p.m.


APRIL 7, 1999

Review and Approval of March 3, 1999 Planning Commission Minutes.

1) PUBLIC HEARING –Butch Milbrandt –Plat Alteration request to subdivide Lot 1 of Sakai Short Plat into 5 lots in the Light Industrial zone, located on 9.94 acres in a portion of the SW ¼ of S 32, T 19 N, R 24 E.W.M, Grant County, Washington. Ron

2) PUBLIC HEARING –Tren Jones – Zone Change request to rezone approximately three (3) acres from Suburban-1 to Neighborhood Commercial for the purpose of placing a Gas Station/Convenience Store and Storage Facility, located in Lots 5 and 6, Block 2, Astro Acres Phase 1, Matt

3) PUBLIC HEARING –Warren Morgan– Zone Change request from Commercial Freeway Service to Light Industrial to rezone 10.8 acres, located in a portion of Lot 2, Sakai Short Plat in the SW ¼ of S 32, T 19 N., R 24 EWM, Grant County, Washington. Ron

4) PUBLIC HEARING –Rosalba Rojas –Plat Alteration request to subdivide Tax #5815 in Lot 1 (a 4.22 acre lot), Replat of Stade Orchards into two 2.11 acre lots, located at 6850 and 6784 NE Mae Valley Road, Moses Lake, in a portion of the SE ¼ of SE ¼ of S 19, T 19 N, R 28 E.W.M, Grant County, Washington. Marty

5) PUBLIC HEARING –Kim Foster, ASPI – Preliminary Plat request to create a 4-lot subdivision on 18.6 acres in the Light Industrial zone, located in a portion of the NW ¼ of S 4, T 19 N, R 28 E.W.M, Grant County, Washington. Ron

6) PUBLIC HEARING –Miles Rhoads – Plat Alteration request to Subdivide Lot 1, Block 23, Grant Orchards into two lots each 2.5 acres in size, in the S-2 zone, located at the intersection of Count Road 19 NE and Division .5 NE, in a portion of S 31, T 22 N, R 27 E.W.M, Grant County, Washington. Marty

7) Moses Lake Interim Urban Growth Area Amendment Scott

8) Ephrata Urban Growth Area Designation Scott
This agenda item will be heard at 8:30 or later.


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