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Planning header


Chairman: Gary Piercy
Vice Chairman: Jim Fleming
Board Members: Wayne Sahli, Al Brower, Kirk Sager, Martell Palmer, Ollie Click, Lee Graham and Bill Bailey
Secretary: Dorothy Black


NOVEMBER 6, 2002 @ 7:00 P.M.

Review and Approval of October 2, 2002 Planning Commission Minutes.
Rescheduling of January 2003 meeting as it is currently scheduled for January 1, 2003.

1. PUBLIC HEARING – Robert & Kristin Miller – Re-plat of Tract 9 and a portion of Tract 10 of the White Trail Tracts into two lots in the Rural Community zone of Grant County

S. 6, T. 19, R. 24 (02-3463)
Kevin Cricchio – Project Planner

2. PUBLIC HEARING – Lawrence E. Tudor – Reasonable Use Exception to allow a single family dwelling unit on a 2.05 acre parcel in the Agricultural zone of Grant County.

S. 31, T. 18 R. 29 (02-3450)
Hector Torres – Project Planner

3. PUBLIC HEARING – Clifford R & Ruth S. Naser – Re-plat to allow the consolidation of lots 411 & 494 of Desert Aire Division 1 into 1 parcel in the Rural Village Residential –1 zone of Grant County.

S. 22, T. 14, R. 23 (02-3456)
Hector Torres – Project Planner

4. PUBLIC HEARING – Grant County – Unified Development Code Amendment to change the side and rear yard setback requirement from ten (10) feet to five (5) feet in the Urban Zoning districts where residential use is allowed.

Billie Sumrall – Project Planner

5. PUBLIC HEARING – Huck Goodrich – Minor Zone Change of three somewhat contiguous parcels from Agricultural to Urban Residential 2.

S. 3, T. 18, R. 23 (02-3466)
Billie Sumrall – Project Planner

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