Chairman:                     Gary Piercy     

Vice Chairman:             Jim Fleming

Board Members:          Ollie Click, Lee Graham, Bill Bailey and Jon A. Hatt

Secretary:                     Sonja Baker


Commissioners’ Hearing Room - Grant County Courthouse, Ephrata, Washington


April 7, 2004 @ 7:00 P.M.


Approval of March 3, 2004 Planning Commission Minutes


  1. PUBLIC HEARING William Englar – Replat of Morgan Tracts Unit 1, doing away with Tract A and redistributing the land to adjacent parcels.  This will affect lots 2 through 8 and 10 through 15 in the Urban Residential-2 zone.

File No. 03-3617

 S. 34, T. 19, R. 28

Ed Harrell - Project Planner


  1. PUBLIC HEARING – Randy Niessner – U.D.C. Amendment changing Table 3 in UDC Chapter 23.04 “Zoning” so that Hangars are a Discretionary Use in the Urban Light Industrial zone rather than a Conditional Use.

File No. 04-3781

Ed Harrell - Project Planner


  1. PUBLIC HEARING – Jack Jones – Reasonable Use to allow the development of a single-family dwelling on a 3.82-acre parcel in the Agriculture (AG) Zone of Grant County.

File No. 04-3797

 S. 11, T. 20, R. 23

Hector Torres - Project Planner


  1. PUBLIC HEARING – Neil Dan & Linda Adair – Minor Rezone for a 5-acre parcel that has a split zoning of Urban Commercial 1 (UC1) and Urban Residential 3 (R-3) with a Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designation of Commercial.


File No. 04-3806

 S. 36, T. 15, R. 23

Hector Torres  - Project Planner


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