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The Grant County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan or CEMP is the plan which addresses the functional categories of managing emergencies or disasters in Grant County. The Basic Plan and Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) are currently being updated and revised to include changes consistent with the National Response Plan, 2006 revision and to include the National Incident Management System (NIMS) concepts.


The CEMP includes comprehensive guidance for what the response agencies may provide and conduct before, during and after an emergency or disaster in Grant County. Among the Emergency Management field, an emergency is an event involving shortages of time and resources that require a response beyond routine resources. A disaster is an event in which a community’s available resources are expended and the community undergoes danger including losses such that the social or economic structure is disrupted and some or all of the community’s essential functions are prevented. The Grant County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan may be initiated for both situations. The local agencies/organizations will endeavor to make every reasonable effort to respond in the event of an emergency or disaster. However, local resources and operations may be overwhelmed. The responsibilities and tenets outlined in these plans will be fulfilled only if the situation, information exchange, extent of actual agency capabilities and resources are available. There is no guarantee implied by this plan that a perfect response to emergency or disaster incidents will be practical or possible.


There are several ESFs within the plan which guide, in general, the response agencies, and a single function, or multiple functions may be implemented for one disaster or emergency.


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The Emergency Support Functions and other sections of the plan will be made available for review as the drafts are prepared. As part of the public review process, we invite you to review the drafts and make comments and inquiries. Please send your comments and questions to the Grant County Department of Emergency Management at: and we will be available to respond to you.


Thank you for your interest in Emergency Management planning!


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