Emergency Management

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

In the event of a large-scaled disaster, Grant County activates an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which is a room where officials and agency department heads get together and make the important response and recovery decisions. This system allows all the government agencies — local, county, regional, state and federal — an opportunity to work together to ensure the most effective response and recovery of a disaster.

The EOC is the County’s command center for executive leadership and direction. Staffed with senior elected officials and support organization representatives, it is their job to determine how they can most efficiently help departments deal with the urgent demands and critical resource requirements they face in helping the community directly. Often this involves finding and deploying resources that exceed the capabilities or purview of a single agency.

Representatives from several Grant County agencies conduct an exercise at the Emergency Operations Center

Some of the primary functions that are performed at the EOC include: coordination, resource management, planning, information tracking and dissemination, logistical support, financial management and support, and emergency public information.

Overall, the main goals of the EOC are to:

  • Save and protect the greatest number of people at risk.

  • Ensure the safety of first responders and other City employees.

  • Save and protect as many residential, business and industrial properties as possible.

  • Save and protect as much vital infrastructure as possible.

  • Restrain the spread of environmental damage.

  • Minimize human suffering and economic interruptions.

The EOC is equipped with various communications systems (radio and telephone, amateur radio, displays and maps, weather monitoring systems) to enhance information flow. The EOC has the capability of staffing 24/7 should a disaster occur.

The EOC centrally coordinates public information to give the media and the public the most up-to-date and complete account of how the County is responding to the crisis, in addition to those steps that citizens should take to help the County, and to ensure they can receive necessary assistance and are protected from any harm. Lastly, the EOC at the earliest practical time starts the recovery process so that the public can receive all eligible assistance so Grant County can return to a state of normalcy at the earliest time.

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