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Centralized, coordinated incident action planning should guide all response activities for emergencies as well as pre-planned events. An Incident Action Plan (IAP) provides a concise and coherent means of capturing and communicating the overall incident priorities, objectives, and strategies in the contexts of both operational and support activities.

Though a series of standard forms and supporting documents, IAPs provide clear objectives and actions (for a given operation period) that can serve as a basis for measuring work and cost effectiveness, as well as documentation for post-incident fiscal and legal activities.

Every incident must have an action plan. However, not all incidents require written plans. The need for written plans and attachments is based on the requirements of the incident and the decision of the Incident Commander (IC) or Unified Command (UC). Most initial response operations are not captured with a formal IAP. However, if an incident is likely to extend beyond one operational period, become more complex, or involve multiple jurisdictions and/or agencies, preparing a written IAP will become increasingly important to maintain effective, efficient, and safe operations.

Written IAPs must be considered when:

  • Two or more jurisdictions are dedicated to a response, 

  • The incident continues into the next operational period, or 

  • A HAZMAT incident is involved.

Grant County is a beautiful place, and our communities regularly host festivals and other large public and private gatherings. To assist local agencies in preparing their Incident Action Plans (IAPs) for these events, please feel free to utilize the following resources.

FEMA Independent Study Program (online)


ICS Forms


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