Archived July 2013 Submittal to Ecology:


Cumulative Impacts Analysis

       Grant County SMP Draft CIA 2013-07-03 614KB 2013/07/18


Restoration Plan

       Grant_County_SMP_Draft_Restoration_Plan_2013_07_03 399KB 2013/07/18

       GrantSMP_Restoration_Plan_Table_1 87KB 2013/07/18

       GrantSMP_Restoration_Plan_Table_2 134KB 2013/07/18

       GrantSMP_Restoration_Plan_Table_3 87KB 2013/07/18


Riparian Functions and Regulations Report

       Grant_County_Riparian_Functions_2013_07_03 4,065KB 2013/07/18


Shoreline Master Programs

       2013_06_28_SMP_Draft_Grant County 1,260KB 2013/07/18

       2013_06_28_Coulee City_SMP 1,375KB 2013/07/18

       2013_06_28_Electric City_SMP 845KB 2013/07/18

       2013_06_28_Grand Coulee_SMP 837KB 2013/07/18

       2013_06_28_Krupp_SMP 898KB 2013/07/18

       2013_06_28_Soap Lake_SMP 723KB 2013/07/18

       2013_07_03_Wilson Creek_SMP 838KB 2013/07/18


Environmental Designation Maps

       Grant_County_ED_Map_County_Mapbook 11,252KB 2013/07/18

       Grant_County_ED_Map_County_4Panel 3,462KB 2013/07/18

       Grant_County_ED_Map_Coulee City 212KB 2013/07/18

       Grant_County_ED_Map_Electric City 196KB 2013/07/18

       Grant_County_ED_Map_Grand Coulee 245KB 2013/07/18

       Grant_County_ED_Map_Krupp 197KB 2013/07/18

       Grant_County_ED_Map_Soap Lake 182KB 2013/07/18

       Grant_County_ED_Map_Wilson Creek 202KB 2013/07/18

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