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Grant County Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Update

Grant County and the communities of Electric City, Coulee City, Grant Coulee, Krupp, Soap Lake and Wilson Creek have partnered together to develop or update their respective Shoreline Master Programs.

What is a Shoreline Master Program?

A Shoreline Master Program is a combination of planning and regulatory documents. SMP documents carry out the policies of the Shoreline Management Act (RCW 90.58) on local shorelines. Local governments are required to prepare SMPs based on the state laws and rules. It is prepared to implement the SMA to prevent "harm caused by uncoordinated and piecemeal development of the State's shoreline." Local SMPs are tailored to local geographic and environmental conditions, and existing and future planned development patterns within the shoreline.

The SMP update process balances and integrates objectives and interests of local citizens. Key principles of the SMP include striking a balance among environmental protection, public access and water-oriented uses, and achieving "No Net Loss" of ecological functions.

What is the SMP update process?

The SMP update process includes preparation of planning, policy and regulatory documents to comply with the State law. It includes the following steps:

• Shoreline Inventory, Analysis and Characterization
• Shoreline Environment Designations
• Goals, Policies, and Regulations
• Cumulative Impact Analysis
• Restoration Planning
• Ecology Approval and Local Adoption

What is my role in the process?

The entire SMP update process needs to be coordinated with local citizens and interest groups in order to receive input. An SMP and its regulations may impact shoreline uses and properties. Therefore, it is encouraged that property owners and citizens participate in this process to voice their opinion about the future of their shoreline.

Will it impact my existing home?

Under the provisions of new shoreline master program, existing single-family homes are “grandfathered". New developments seeking to receive permit after the adoption of the SMP will have to comply with the new program and regulations.

What is “no net loss” of ecological or environmental functions?

The new environmental protection standard for updated shoreline master programs is “no-net-loss of shoreline ecological functions.” While restoration of degraded areas is encouraged, this does not mean all shoreline areas are required to be made “pristine” or returned to pre-settlement conditions. Local governments are required to inventory current shoreline conditions – including identifying existing ecological processes and functions that influence physical and biological conditions. When a shoreline program is adopted, existing ecological conditions on the ground must be protected while development of shoreline areas is continued in accordance with adopted regulations. This is accomplished by avoiding or minimizing the introduction of impacts to ecological functions that result from new shoreline development (source:

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Grant County

Damien Hooper

Planning Director

(509) 754-2011 ext.620

Town of Coulee City

Rick Heiberg

(509) 632-5331

City of Electric City

Jacqueline M. Perman

City Clerk/Treasurer

(509) 633-1510

City of Grand Coulee

Chuck Jones

Contract Planner

(509) 886-3265

Town of Krupp

Mayor Tracy Lesser

(509) 345 -2466


City of Soap Lake

Darryl Piercy

Contract Planner

(509) 859-2943

Councilman John Glassco

(509) 246-1211


Town of Wilson Creek

Mayor Kathy Bohnet

(509) 345-2498


Ben Floyd

Anchor QEA, LLC

(509) 392-4548













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