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Empl # Rank Name Email Address
GT1 Sheriff Tom Jones
GT2 Undersheriff Dave Ponozzo
GT3 Chief Deputy-Field Ops. Ken Jones  
GT4 Chief Deputy-Special Ops. Ryan Rectenwald
R1 Administrative Assistant Deb Shay
J1 Chief Deputy - Corrections Joe Kriete

Major Crimes Unit

GT19 Detective Kim Cook
GT20 Detective Matt Messer
GT23 Detective Ryan Green
GT28 Detective John Wallace
GT30 Detective Kyle Cox
GT32 Detective Jason Mitchell

Patrol Unit, Traffic Unit, Special Units

GT5 Sergeant Delta Crew Collin Hyer
GT6 Sergeant Alpha Crew Josh Sainsbury
GT7 Sergeant Charlie Crew Dean Hallatt
GT8 Sergeant Motor Traffic Unit Ron Renken
GT9 Sergeant INET Courtney Conklin
GT10 Sergeant Bravo Crew Mark Biallas
GT11 Sergeant Special Ops Kieth Siebert
GT12 Corporal K-9 Beau Lamens
GT13 Deputy Rick Pitt
GT14 Deputy Jason Ball
GT15 Deputy Wade Hilliard
GT16 Deputy Dave Delarosa
GT17 Deputy Mike Earney
GT18 Deputy Rick Canterbury
GT21 Deputy John McMillan
GT22 Deputy Nick Dirks
GT24 Deputy Jake Fisher
GT25 Corporal Gary Mansford
GT26 Deputy Ricardo Char
GT27 Deputy Marine Unit Darryl Hudson
GT29 Deputy Keith Edie
GT30 Deputy ORV Unit Kyle Cox
GT31 Deputy K-9 Darrik Gregg
GT33 Deputy Jon Melvin
GT34 Deputy Ed Stevens
GT35 Deputy Jay Atwood
GT36 Deputy Greg Hutchison
GT38 Corporal Rick LaGrave
GT39 Corporal Mike Crowder
GT40 Deputy Larry Sanchez
GT41 Corporal Allan Sleeper
GT42 Deputy Scott Granger
GT43 Deputy Jaret Fulbright
GT44 Deputy Joe Wester
GT45 Deputy Corey Linscott
GT47 Deputy Joe Harris
GT48 Deputy Tyson Voss
GT51 Deputy Dustin Canfield
GT59 Animal Control Officer Larry Ledeboer

Support Specialists

R2 Support Specialist Leslie Gonzales
R4 Civil Specialist Theresa Sheets
R6 Evidence Specialist Tracy Williams
R7 Support Specialist Rachel Lybbert
R8 Support Specialist Carla Payne
R9 Financial Specialist Cathy Carranco
R10 Support Specialist Jaynese Granger
R11 Support Specialist Lana Schimke
R12 Support Specialist Jail MJ Fisk
R13 Support Specialist Jail Dawn Prince
R14 Support Specialist Pamela Dove
R16 Scan Specialist Bobbee Poplawski
R18 Support Specialist MTU Charity Sainsbury
R19 Support Specialist Karen Schwabauer
R20 Support Specialist Jail Merrilyn Ferebee
R21 Financial Specialist Jail Donna Harrington
R99 Public Information Officer Kyle Foreman
CR2 Control Room Operator Carol Svelnys
CR3 Control Room Operator Lois Schutt

Corrections/Work Release Center (WRC)

J2 Lieutenant Kerri Adler
J3 Lieutenant - WRC Dan Durand
J4 Sergeant - WRC Harold St. Pierre
J5 Sergeant Todd Taylor
J6 Sergeant Scott Ponozzo
J7 Sergeant Rich Reno
J8 Sergeant Dan Simon
J9 Sergeant Phillip Coats
J10 Corrections Officer Willis Rodriguez
J11 Corrections Officer James Weaver
J14 Corrections Officer - WRC Scott Hunter
J15 Corrections Officer - WRC Paul Roweder
J16 Corrections Officer Thomas Johnson
J17 Corrections Officer Scott Myers
J18 Corrections Officer - WRC Mark Ames
J19 Corrections Officer Ray Harrington
J20 Corrections Officer Oleg Tkachev
J21 Corporal Derek Jay
J22 Corrections Officer - WRC Greg Knutson
J23 Corporal Henry Severin
J24 Corporal Frank Lopez
J25 Corrections Officer - WRC Betty Harsh
J26 Corrections Officer Kevin Pennel
J27 Corrections Officer Dianne Hoyt
J28 Corrections Officer - WRC Brent Coomes
J29 Corrections Officer Leslie Overman
J30 Corrections Officer - WRC Larry Stacy
J31 Corrections Officer Troy Allison
J32 Corrections Officer Kim Newland
J33 Corrections Officer Esteban Villarreal
J34 Corrections Officer Brian Rogers
J35 Corrections Officer - WRC Ian Radel
J36 Corrections Officer Brian Kisler
J37 Corrections Officer Lance Urwin
J38 Corporal Robert Church
J39 Corrections Officer - WRC Justin Grubb
J40 Corporal Josh Erickson
J41 Corrections Officer Alex Aragon
J42 Corrections Officer Eric Shafer


K1 Head Cook Sharon Moore
K2 Cook - WRC Sue Ochocinski
K3 Cook Cindy Lewis
K4 Cook - WRC Sarah Williams

Corrections Medical Staff

M1 Nurse Carissa Craghead
M2 Nurse Kellee Neal
M3 Nurse - Part-time Vicki Bratton

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