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Sand Dunes Rd off of I-90 exit 174 is closed.


Follow the map directions from the link below


Alternate Route from I-90 exit 179



Grant County ORV Facilities:

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office is proud to serve the community in an off-road capacity. The ORV unit consists of two commissioned deputies who work with a number of community groups to ensure safe off-road recreation. The ORV deputies travel the state educating users of the Sand Dunes and other areas as to the laws and safety equipment required in off-road activities. Memorial Day weekend is an example of one of the more active weekends and assistance from other agencies and deputies makes this a success, drastically reducing the number of accidents and calls for service.


The ORV division is funded through a Maintenance & Operation, Education and Enforcement Grant through the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office.


Alcohol is prohibited in the Moses Lake and Beverly Sand Dunes. It is also unlawful to operate an ORV on roadways.  In particular the main Sand Dunes Rd in Moses Lake.



Grant County 4WD & ORV Communities:

Area(s), Condition(s), and Law(s) Under Which You Are Allowed To Ride:


Vacant Lots: Find out who owns the land and ask for their permission to ride on the land. If you don't, you are guilty of trespassing (going onto someone's property without their permission). Just because there's not a fence around it doesn't mean you have the right to ride there. The biggest complaint about ORV's running near houses is the NOISE and DUST. The noise bothers everyone. Don't ride near houses. Clean air regulations govern the amount of dust that can be created. Violations of clean air regulations can carry stiff fines.


Washington State DNR, WDFW and some Private Land: (Department of Natural Resources and Department of Fish and Wildlife) - ORV's are permitted on marked DNR and WDFW roads and trails. View the law as it pertains to:

Any person can operate any ORV on DNR and WDFW roads and motorized trails with the following:

  • Current License Plate or ORV Tag

  • A working muffling system (emitting no more than 105 decibels at 20") with a "USFS Approved Spark Arrester" that is stamped into the metal on motorcycle mufflers and is clearly visible

  • Head-light(s) and tail-light(s) are required during the hours of darkness

  • Brakes and Brake-light(s).

  • Effective July 2005

    • RCW 46.09.117: Riders under 13 must be under direct supervision of a person eighteen years of age or older possessing a valid license to operate a motor vehicle under RCW 46.20 to ride on a non-highway road

    • RCW Except for an off-road vehicle equipped with seat belts and roll bars or an enclosed passenger compartment, it is a traffic infraction for any person to operate or ride an off-road vehicle on a non-highway road without wearing upon his or her head a motorcycle helmet fastened securely while in motion.  For purposes of this section, "motorcycle helmet" has the same meaning as provided in RCW 46.37.530.

Area(s), Condition(s), and Law(s) Under Which You Are NOT Allowed To Ride:


Roadways: Only licensed street vehicles may ride on, cross or ride the shoulders/ditches of roadways.

Canals: Riding along canals is prohibited. These roads are for maintenance and canal operations.  If you are on them, you are guilty of trespassing.


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